Do animals have chakras?

The question “do animals have chakras” frequently comes up in seminars I teach about Pneumapathy and Pneumatherapy. The main reason why students ask this question is because some people, in the West of course, claim to be healing household pets with conventional chakra therapy, as if the pets have human chakras.
What we know about chakras comes to us from ancient Scriptural sources and more than two thousand years of research, investigation and healing practices. All of this information speaks only to the type of soul that can incarnate as a human being, and of spiritual beings who can step into relationship with the human-type soul and spirit. Therefore, we know only that we have chakras, and the angels (gods/goddesses) with whom we can be in relationship, have chakras. We do not know from ancient sources any information to answer the question, do animals have chakras, we don’t know that other types of souls and spirits have chakras.

Do animals have chakras — not in the human sense

If animals do have chakras, then those chakras will be different, cannot be the same. The reason for this lies simply in the purpose and design of chakras. Chakras are soul minds (Muladhara, Svadhistana, Manipura and Anahata) and spirit minds (Vishhuddhi, Ajna and Sahasrara). This is the constitution of the human soul and spirit, the minds that operate us, and the combined energy of which constitutes our aura, our true selves—the true self that accumulates karma, that extracts wisdom from each lifetime, that incarnates from one body and culture to another.

Each chakra has a particular task in the body. Those tasks have to do with our tribal connections, our senses of security, of evolution of understanding of love, or sense of self, our ability to manage and control the lower-self, or evolution in understanding of loving-kindness, our ability to extract wisdom from scenarios (not knowledge), our ability to interact with the non-3D world of spiritual beings (our future home). Therefore, our chakras are custom made for our type of soul—not for cats, dogs, fish and snakes.

In Conclusion

If other beings have chakras, we do not know about it. However, what we do know is that if they do have, those chakras, however few or many there may be, will have different names and different purposes.