How to explain pneumapathy?

As part of my course, I recently went about studying the theory behind pneumapathy and it dawned on me that it is almost impossible to describe what we do in scientific terms as it simply goes far beyond science. I’ve grown to reconcile myself to the fact that I will not be understood by general public. Some of my friends where rolling their eyes when I announced them what my plans here in Cambodia are. That I am going to learn how to work with energy. That I am going to learn how to heal people. That I am going to study about natural medicine, much of which actually dwells inside of us. A completely supernatural concept. Because pneumatherapy is supernatural. It is neither physics, nor science. Is not psychology either. It belongs to the realm of metaphysics.

But to speak of metaphysics we need to go back to the root and understand the etymology behind it. Continue reading “How to explain pneumapathy?”