Healing smile of Cambodia

Two months in Cambodia and I still cannot believe how beautiful this country is. Yet I don’t mean its landscape or nature which are truly and unquestionably stunning. I don’t mean the ancient Angkor temples with their amazing energy which I have the privilege to live so close by. I don’t mean the food which is very decent or the party which in Siem Reap goes on night and day. I actually mean Cambodia’s tissue, its core, which to me is its people.

When I first came here while still on travels, crossing the border from Vietnam just felt good. It felt familiar, warm, kind-hearted. There was something in the air that made me feel at home. Or maybe on the faces of people? Now, when I returned to live and study pneumatherapy here, it still feels the same. Just good. There are many absurdities in Cambodia, no doubt about it. Continue reading “Healing smile of Cambodia”

Becoming a healer…

Time flies. It’s been exactly five weeks I first started my new life journey joining the Wayism Spiritual Energy Healing Center workers and studying at the Siem Reap School of Pneumatherapy. Many things have happened over the past few weeks. I have learnt a number of things that have brought me closer to becoming a healer. Wait, in a way, I have actually become a healer. Still with a limited number of healing techniques, nevertheless one that has already helped somebody. And the rest is still work in progress…

The past week and a half I was busy learning how to perform a meridian massage. It is an energizing massage which focuses on the 12 main meridians of your body. If chakras are energy centers, meridians are the distributors of this energy, energy pathways. Continue reading “Becoming a healer…”

Five challenges of becoming Karman Meditation teacher

First learning and then teaching Karman Meditation has been one of my endeavours here in Cambodia since I arrived mid January. And I must say one well worth immersing in. Not only does it teach you how to start your day in a positive way, but also a lot about self-discipline, mindfulness, gratitude and energy we project as well as ways to deal with life’s challenges. Having said that I need to admit that I’ve struggled on a number of occasions on this journey to become a teacher.
Challenge no 1 Memorize the movements

When I look back, the single biggest initial challenge for me was to memorize all the movements. Karman Meditation consists of 14 movements in a particular sequence and this sequence is important. Gosh, did I struggle with it! Continue reading “Five challenges of becoming Karman Meditation teacher”

I’m a teacher of Karman Meditation!

As of this week I will be leading the class in the ancient technique of active meditation called Karman Meditation. It’s a form of meditation that caught my attention at first sight as it involves movement and being active. The root of the Sanskrit word “karman” means action, and in this case particularly ‘to perform a spiritual action’. So here I am after over 3 weeks of training to learn Karman Meditation, and I will start to lead classes (under supervision). Soon I will be a teacher of Karman Meditation.  It hasn’t been achieved without challenges, but that’s a topic for another post.

My general well-being, increased energy, zest for life, stronger and toned muscles, joints and bones, energized chakras – these are only a few benefits of practicing Karman Meditation on a regular basis. My favourite advantage of this form of meditation is Continue reading “I’m a teacher of Karman Meditation!”