My first spiritual energy healing retreat

Time flies. I feel like I only landed in Siem Reap yesterday and it’s been already a week. An intense week, a week full of learning and realizations. I just completed my first Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat. As a guest and as a staff member. When I first got here back in November this retreat was my dream. But I couldn’t attend because of my further travel plans made way before learning about Wayism Center and their retreats. But it seems if something is truly yours, you will sooner or later get it. One way or another…

Monday morning, a quick introduction to the logistics of the Center made by Adele, recap of the program, here we go, time to start. Most of the guests, just like me, arrived the day before, having a chance to get some rest before a week full of self-discovery starts.

We begin with a morning session of Karman Meditation, followed by a Mantra Sutra Meditation. A quick break and the adventure continues. The next few hours are devoted to learning more about the chakra system with focus on the root chakra – Muladhara. The chakras’ theory seems very fascinating to me. Since I first came here, I badly wanted to learn more about chakras, undertand them as well as all the body disfunctions that come with them being blocked. So here I am, having a first-hand opportunity to learn and experience all of this from Jean who seems to know everything in the subject. After lunch diagnostic sessions start. Chakra reading, energy diagnosis, Know Your Karma which is basically an evaluation of chakra personalities. Before I know it’s already 5pm which means we meditate. Another Karman Meditation session with Adele and we can call it a day. A very long but super exciting day.

Tuesday is no less fascinating. It’s a Svadhishthana day which is the sacral chakra. We learn more about its qualities from Jean in a workshop after a morning meditation with Adele. Then some of us stay in for healing therapies, while others go to a Silk Farm to learn about the process of silk production all the way from a little worm to a beautifully woven silk scarf. So interesting, I actually had no idea that silk comes from a worm. So many things you can learn on just one day…

And finally Wednesday comes, the Manipura’s day which is the solar plexus chakra. I’m super excited as this is my dominant chakra, as I learnt from Jean back in November when I came here for Know Your Karma and spiritual healing. Chakra of your identity, personal power, self-esteem, strength of character. All very interesting, I could listen to it for hours, but we need to proceed as more healing is to come this afternoon. And silk farm for those participants who didn’t go yesterday. We meditate and go home to rest as tomorrow is a big day with an early start – temple day!

Thursday, the heart chakra’s day is all about different kinds of love. After all love is ultimately why we are here on Earth. I have been to the temples before but just by myself with the scarce knwoledge I could get from a few articles on the internet. It was great to have knowledgeable guides for a change and learn all the fascinating details about the temples which no guidebook will ever give you. Bayon, Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat are even more interesting now when I see them for the second time but with a proper historical and religious background. And the morning meditation in the Bayon temple with Adele – such a unique opportunity to feel the amazing energy of the place. We continue and the heat takes its toll on us, so we stop for a refreshing coconut. It’s so good to me back to Asia where things like this are available at almost every corner… Exhausted but happy I arrive home and sleep like a baby. It was a very intense day.

Friday is all about Vishuddi, the throat chakra. Chakra of communication, self expression, extracting wisdom. We continue with the retreat routine and I notice that my Karman Meditation practice finally has a little more natural flow to it. I don’t have to pay attention to every movement which leads me to a conclusion that I’ve learnt something over the past four days. So looking forward to knowing all the movements by heart and being able to actually properly meditate. By myself, with no aid or instruction… Fingers crossed.

Saturday, the last day of the retreat is not only the third eye and crown chakra day but also the day of encapsulation of everything we’ve learnt and experienced over the past week. Finally everything starts to make sense, conclusions appear, final healing sessions take place. I say goodbye to my girls who came to the reatreat from all over the world and go home to reflect upon the whole process that has just happened inside me. It was such a deep experience and it does need time to settle. And I need time to settle too. I’m tired, but so happy I could do this. The right place at the right time. Bliss.